Your Key to Mitigating Business Risks

Security Equipment & System

Keylink’s security experts can help you secure your business operations in China through the deployment of security equipment and systems. In particular, we seek to protect your human capital, physical assets and intellectual property through the following:

Establish your risk profile and appetite.

Conduct a security assessment of your facilities and identify the vulnerable points.

Recommend and install security equipment and system to mitigate these risks.

As a service option, we can also help you develop security policies, processes and procedures, as well as conduct training for your security personnel.

Computer Forensic Examination

Computer forensic pertains to legal evidence found in computers and digital storage media.

Keylink’s computer forensic examiners can help you examine computers and other digital media in a forensically sound manner, with the aim to identify, preserve, recover and analyse data found therein. 

Computer forensic examination is an integral tool in commercial investigations today.  As a technical capability, it is usually part of an investigative team for commercial frauds investigations, although Keylink also deploys it independently.

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