Your Key to Mitigating Business Risks

Our Firm

Keylink is an Independent risk consultancy firm headquartered in Shanghai with offices in Hong Kong and New York and affiliates’ offices in Mongolia, Bangladesh, Myanmar, DPRK, South Korea and Philippines.

Our business focus is Greater China. Our Harmony program reach includes Australia, North America and the United Kingdom.

We help businesses address political, integrity and security risks, leveraging on our in-depth local knowledge, unparalleled access to industry and government sources, and leading-edge technology.

We secure physical facilities, ensure personnel safety, defend intellectual property rights, and most importantly, protect business reputation.

Our People

We come from a diverse range of professional background: business, legal, accounting, military, information technology, law enforcement and security.

Our different nationality, language and culture give us an international outlook, a holistic perspective and a deep appreciation of the China way.

Our people have decades of experience helping multi-national corporations and business leaders make informed and high-value decisions in Greater China.

Our Approach

Our simple and implementable solutions are derived from 3 key principles:

  • Objective-driven
  • Investigative and analytical
  • Impactful and cost-effective 

We believe in leading the implementation of these solutions, together with you.

We will make adjustments to the solutions along the way, especially during difficult times and in a dynamic and unpredictable environment.

UK-China Keylink Consultants is a product gateway for clients and
companies looking to enter the Chinese market of their choice.