Your Key to Mitigating Business Risks

Pre-employment Screening

Keylink helps businesses make better hiring decisions through our pre-employment screening services.

Depending on the levels of seniority and vulnerability of the functions, screening activities of different breadth and depth can be conducted:

Verifications of educational and professional qualifications
Verifications of employment history
Character reference checks with previous employers, colleagues, vendors/suppliers, clients, etc.
Discreet background checks on subjects’ industry reputation, business practices, litigation/criminal records, associations and political exposure

Due Diligence Background Checks

Due diligence background checks are usually pre-transactional (Mergers & Acquisitions, Joint Venture, etc) or part of regulatory requirements (such as pre-listing).

Keylink’s due diligence background checks on corporate entities and individuals in China focus on these key areas:

  • Nature and size of businesses and operations
  • Financial and credit/debt situation
  • Shareholding and structure
  • Legal representatives and key stakeholders
  • Key business partners, associates, vendors/suppliers, clients
  • Industry reputation, business practices, litigation/criminal records, associations and political exposure

Assets Tracing & Recovery

Keylink has unparallel access to resources to help creditors trace and recover assets hidden by the debtors. We can help clients:
  • Trace bank account transactions;
  • Identify hidden assets;
  • Apply court orders to freeze assets;
  • Initiate legal procedures for recovery

Fraud Investigations

Most fraud cases are exposed by anonymous informants, often through the company’s internal whistle-blowing hotlines. From inflated expense claims, having a conflict-of-interest side business to accepting illegal gratifications, frauds are more perpetuated than is commonly believed. The most important question is: When it happens, how can I deal with it to limit my damage, protect my interests and ensure business continuity?

Keylink’s investigative teams have many years of experience managing large and complex commercial fraud investigations in China, particularly for American and European MNCs. Our investigative teams usually comprise of investigators, lawyers, forensic accountant, computer forensic examiner and intelligence analysts.

Keylink works closely with your senior management and legal counsel to design and implement an investigation plan which usually comprises the following:

  • Clearly defined objectives of the investigation
  • Information/allegations received so far, sources of information and details
    of the informants
  • Persons accused (targets of investigations), internal and external witnesses
  • Investigations roadmap (not in chronological order): Interviews, Retrieval and review of documents, Electronic recovery and analysis, Background checks, Surveillance.

We will present the facts and opinions about the information gathered to your senior management and legal counsel, so that you can consider legal or administrative options, and make high-level decisions in the best interests of your businesses.

Besides presenting the established facts and opinions, in terms of what happened, who are the wrongdoers, and the extent of the damage or loss, we can also help you implement recovery and preventive measures.

Corporate Advisory

Be it to enter the vast China market, the availability of a transactional opportunity (Merger & Acquisition, Joint Venture), or a new product launch, Keylink is well-positioned to help multi-national companies and business leaders make informed decisions and gain a competitive advantage in China.

Our in-depth knowledge and understanding of China, and unrivalled access to industry and government contacts, can help you smoothen your journey through the following areas of advisory:

  • Regions and timings of entry.
  • Engagement strategy with governments and regulators.
  • Collaborations and partnerships with other companies.
  • Essential resources.

Keylink is your gateway to a successful business in China.

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