tenant estoppel certificate meaning: What Is An Estoppel Certificate And When Is It Required?


In order to avoid these potential issues, a tenant should be very careful to ensure that every provision listed in the estoppel agreement is accurate and complete. V. Greenpoint-Goldman Corp. a New York landlord breached a lease agreement by failing to issue an estoppel certificate in connection with the tenant’s application for refinancing. 49 A.D.3d 282, 283­, 853 N.Y.S.2d 313, 315 (N.Y. App. Div. 2008).

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Prohibition against lease modification without the new owner’s written consent. Multifamily properties could indeed come with many liabilities, so a new owner must be prepared, and lenders must know if anything could jeopardize the new owner’s capacity to pay their mortgage. Landlord Work means the work, if any, that Landlord is obligated to perform in the Premises pursuant to a separate agreement (the “Work Letter”), if any, attached to this Lease as Exhibit C. Interim Payment Certificate means a payment certificate issued under Clause 14 , other than the Final Payment Certificate.


An estoppel agreement is a way to show proof of the agreement between the landlord and tenants. This certificate provides assurance when a potential buyer is looking to purchase an investment property, and an owner is applying for a loan from various lenders or other residential and commercial real estate transactions. Anestoppel certificate confirms the terms of a lease between a commercial landlord and tenant. It is a common requirement in a commercial real estate transaction by the property buyer’s lender. It is the landlord’s responsibility to gather and obtain the tenant’s signature.

What if a real estate agent does not forward the Estoppel Certificate to potential buyers?

There are times when a great investment can turn into a nightmare because tenancy terms are not clearly explained and you end up being liable for more expense than you originally thought. Your failure to provide the certificate will be deemed an admission that everything included in the requested certificate is true. If your lease includes a provision stating that you need to provide the certificate on request, then yes.

In cases where mistakes are made, they usually get brought to the attention of the courts due to a disparity between the lease and the estoppel. An estoppel certificate is defined as a “signed statement by a party certifying for another’s benefit that certain facts are correct, as that a lease exists, that there are no defaults, and that a specific rent amount is paid to a certain date. The contents of an estoppel agreement are conclusively presumed to be true and bind both the landlord and tenant. In fact, the contents of the estoppel agreement are deemed conclusive even if they are erroneous. What this means is that tenants are bound by the contents of an estoppel certificate.

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To get the https://1investing.in/ agreement, you only need the attention of both parties involved. The renter and the landlord will have to be present in some cases to get it done. The estoppel agreement highlights in detail the type of bills that can be cared for by the tenant. The tenant is now aware that he will be in charge of all the electrical bills and other utilities, maintaining the apartment, and other relevant maintenance issues.

Is a Tenant Required to Sign an Estoppel Certificate?

We recommend reviewing BOTH the contract and the estoppel agreement to check for any inconsistencies or suspicious clauses. Assets America was incredibly helpful and professional in assisting us in purchasing our property. It was great to have such knowledgeable and super-experienced, licensed pros in our corner, pros upon which we could fully rely. They helped and successfully guided us to beat out 9 other competing offers! They were excellent at communicating with us at all times and they were extremely responsive. Having them on our team meant that we could always receive truthful, timely and accurate answers to our questions.

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For similar reasons, a tenant estoppel certificate is also common when selling commercial real estate. The prospective buyer will want to know that the facts you’ve stated about existing leases are accurate. This gives the tenants an opportunity to address any side agreements, disputes, or unresolved issues with the existing owner.

What Is An Estoppel Certificate? 8 Things You Should Know

However, in many cases, even if the lease does not require it; it is in the tenant’s best interest to fill out and sign an estoppel certificate. In other words atenant estoppel is a certified statement by a tenant that verifies the terms and conditions and current status of their lease. Estoppel letters are legal documents that tenants must complete and submit, as long as their lease requires them to do so. A standard lease agreement should include a clause requiring the tenant to provide an estoppel letter upon the landlord’s request.

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That the terms of the lease are matching with what the landlord has stated. In essence, the lender tries to understand how the lease terms work and if the agreement between the tenants and the owner is bonafide. Offers assurance to the purchaser or lender that the tenant will not make appeals and demands that are conflicting with the statements in the estoppel certificate at a later date. The tenant estoppel is a common item that often comes up during the due diligence phase of an acquisition and during the loan underwriting process. It’s used to provide a third-party insight into the relationship between a landlord and a tenant. In this short article we covered the purpose of the tenant estoppel and the basic items included.

An estoppel certificate is a term that is often used by real estate investors, and deciphering what it means might take some time for novice investors. In this blog, we break down to you what an estoppel certificate is, why landlords request such certificates and the contents of a tenant estoppel certificate. The main effect of an estoppel agreement is to bind both the landlord and the tenant to all statements and estoppel clauses detailed in the document. However, its contents are legally deemed to be true even if they are indeed erroneous, binding both parties to an agreement that is different from the one initially intended. Therefore, mistakes can have major and unintended legal implications.


It will also say when the tenant estoppel certificate meaning will end and what other things the landlord; needs to know about the lease. Estoppel certificates are often treated as routine and are often blithely signed by commercial and residential tenants upon request by landlords. On closer examination, however, such certificates may present risks to the unwary tenant and landlord. If your lease does not have a provision that states you are required to provide an estoppel certificate on request, then you are not required to do so. However there may be a few occasions where it is in your best interest to do so.

Are Tenants Required to Complete an Estoppel?

For commercial leases, an estoppel certificate reinforces the agreement made by two parties—the landlord and the tenant—and also expounds on the underlying lease. With that said, it’s CRUCIAL to understand how a tenant estoppel letter works so your rights are fully protected during any potential disputes. A landlord may ask someone interested in a residential property to sign a rental information questionnaire or utilize a verbal agreement, which helps clarify expectations. Hence, a signed statement ensures there are no issues later on.

The pros involve the ability to verify cash flows and tenant agreements. The biggest problem occurs when a tenant refuses to sign an EC, for whatever reason. In the worst case scenario, the landlord can evict a non-compliant tenant. Usually, the landlord assumes that the tenant’s failure to sign an EC constitutes tacit agreement. In this example, the clause specifies that failure to return the EC signifies agreement.

  • It was great to have such knowledgeable and super-experienced, licensed pros in our corner, pros upon which we could fully rely.
  • Therefore, mistakes can have major and unintended legal implications.
  • A tenant estoppel will provide evidence of an establishment’s cash flow, which is information a potential investor or lender would need.
  • Pet-friendly properties sustain more wear and tear and are typically more costly to insure.
  • However, this does not rule out the possible benefits of an estoppel certificate to someone who is interested in the property.

Additionally, the estoppel will also outline the start and end date for the lease, prepaid rent amounts, and security deposit information. Well, as it turns out, the previous owner had never indicated that the first floor tenants had previously negotiated sole use of the driveway . This was a terrible way to start off the landlord-tenant relationship, and a situation that could have been avoided entirely with a tenant estoppel certificate.

As a tenant, there are no real risks of signing a tenant estoppel agreement as it works to protect their privileges and rights when the property they are renting is refinanced or sold to a new buyer. However, the document must be completed with care to ensure that issues don’t arise. For example, all amendments and side agreements to the lease must be detailed clearly to avoid them from being removed at a later date. Legally, the tenant wouldn’t have the right to these privileges if they are not detailed in the document. This missing information in the agreement could result in a tenant losing some of their privileges or being prematurely evicted from the property.

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